Guest Policy

All Guests

Guests are individuals who do not have an active membership. ALL GUESTS MUST HAVE A RESERVATION AND MUST ARRIVE AT 8:30p (unless otherwise noted on the event calendar) IN ORDER TO ATTEND AN EVENT

Members may make reservations to bring guests while making corresponding reservations for themselves and must accompany their guests. Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests during the event and ensuring they understand the private nature of the club in accordance with our membership agreement.

To make a reservation for your guests, you must include their full legal name (that matches a valid photo id) when making your reservation online.

Guests must present a valid photo id containing their birthdate to be admitted to the club. Guests are required to attend a tour of the club conducted by the staff. Tours are conducted shortly after the doors open for the event unless special arrangements are made prior to arriving.

If your guests cannot attend, please let us know as soon as possible just like you would for your reservation since this helps us with gender balancing of events.

Choice Swing Night Guests

Guests are limited to attending one event. Guests wishing to attend additional events must complete the membership process.

Pricing is the Premium Member rates regardless of the membership level bringing the guests. Typically this will be $60/couple, $100/male, and $5/female (early reservation discounts for members do not apply). If you are reserving as a single, but are bringing a guest as a date for the evening, we will apply couple's pricing at your level of membership. When attending as a couple, we expect you to present as a couple for the evening and reserve the right to require you attend as two individual single's for admission pricing. For example, the female half of a basic couple makes a reservation by herself and brings a male guest for the night. In general, we will treat this case as a couple's reservation. The same would be true if a single female made the same type of reservation.

Referral Incentive: We will credit the referring member one month of their current membership level for any guest who subsequently purchases an annual membership.

Choice Fetish Night Guests

To ensure the highest quality members attending on these nights, part of the membership process includes a member sponsoring new individuals as a guest for a minimum of three events. A person may attend a Fetish Event as a guest up to five times before being required to obtain a Fetish Membership.

Pricing for a guest to a Fetish Event is $40 per person.

Special Announcements

EVERYONE MUST provide proof (Actual CDC Vaccination Card) of being fully vaccinated (as defined by the CDC) for COVID-19 in order to attend club events.

Upcoming Events

Saturday November 26th — A Hot & Naughty Thanksgiving A Hot & Naughty Thanksgiving icon Here at Choice we have a lot to be thankful for so after indulging in your Thanksgiving dinner, cum out and enjoy some sexy adult fun that we all can be thankful for! **YOUR ACTUAL CDC VACCINATION CARD (not a picture or copy) AND A VALID PHOTO ID IS REQUIRED AT CHECK IN TO GAIN ENTRY TO THE CLUB.**