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Choice Social Club

Choice Social Club is New England's premier private adult lifestyle club.

Brought to you by former members of the Black Key Club, we are pleased to offer you an 8,000 square foot upscale facility. Our community space is unrivaled in New England in terms of either size or amenities. It is arranged to cater to the fantasies and desires of like-minded adventurous adults. Rooms are decorated in warm tones and feature low lighting, leather furniture, hardwood floors, and oriental rugs. We feel that the elegance and comfort of the club venue reflects the attitudes of our membership.

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Upcoming Events

Saturday March 24th — March Mini Skirt Insatiable Madness March Mini Skirt Insatiable Madness icon At Choice we are MAD about having sexy adult fun and we can't wait for warmer weather! So tonight we are cranking up the heat to encourage all the ladies to break out those extra short mini skirts. Come show off your legs, tease a some of your fellow members, and enjoy dancing the night away with some intimate 1,2,3,4 or maybe even 5 on 1 action. This event is not gender balanced. Single men with active memberships in good standing do not need to wait for confirmation for this event.