Choice Social Club

Choice Social Club is New England's premier private adult lifestyle club.

Brought to you by former members of the Black Key Club, we are pleased to offer you an 8,000 square foot upscale facility. Our community space is unrivaled in New England in terms of either size or amenities. It is arranged to cater to the fantasies and desires of like-minded adventurous adults. Rooms are decorated in warm tones and feature low lighting, leather furniture, hardwood floors, and oriental rugs. We feel that the elegance and comfort of the club venue reflects the attitudes of our membership.

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Upcoming Events

Saturday August 23rd — B-Night! B-Night! icon Bring Boxers, Bow-ties, Bras, Beads, Bikinis, or anything else that starts with a B that Barely covers your Best Body parts. Everyone wants to B someone different for a night, especially have a little push to help get their wild and crazy side to show. So here is your chance - no excuses... B here!